We LOVE our lodges and tented camps!

We have inspected 99% of our accommodation to ensure it meets with our standards.

We try to use a minimum North American four-star rating and favor lodges and hotels that practice good eco-tourism – lodges that recycle, hire staff from the local villages, walk lightly on the surrounding environment and are true to the area they represent. If we use lesser accommodation it is because our first choice is not available – that will always be identified on the itinerary.

All of our lodges/camps have rooms with private bath and/or shower (some are even under the stars!), lounge and dining area. Dependent on the destination, some have telephone, laundry service, gift shops and even internet service. Most will have a swimming or plunge pool and occasionally spas for the ultimate relaxation!

Sometimes luxury-tented camps may be part of your itinerary. These camps include all the amenities that lodges have, the difference will be the walls to your room will be canvas. Often, the tent has been erected on a platform of wood or concrete with the canvas tightly adhered. The doors and windows will be either a zipper or an actual hard door with a frame. Again, all accommodation has ensuite washrooms (some that you’d like for your own home). Luxury tented camps give you the outdoor experience but with all the comforts and safety of a lodge – listen to the sounds of Africa at night…

Your Safari Experience

On safari you can experience everything from watching a lioness caring for her tiny cubs in the hollow of an old tree to having a magnificent five-ton elephant display his enormous ears and mock charge your vehicle or lay on a sandy beach that goes on for miles and miles while listening to the sound of the Indian Ocean.

Your accommodation and meals in either lodges or tented camps, range from truly comfortable to absolutely luxurious. Backpacking was never like this! Swimming pools, gardens and the fragrance of wild basil will surround you as your binoculars scout the magnificent scenery for cheetah, elephant, zebra, lilac breasted rollers, hyena, and tawny eagles to name a few.

Your game activities can include driving in national parks while watching for wildlife along the way, walking with an experienced guide looking for all the little things you may have missed by driving and boating or canoeing – enjoying some of the most incredible river and lakes. How about a game of golf? Wait for the warthogs to get off the greens first!